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             Dominic Kennedy is a Sound Designer and Music Producer for Performance, Theatre, Moving Image and Installation. His work is largely formed through ongoing collaborations and interactions with artists and creatives from a broad range of disciplines. He specialises in the utilisation of sound as a narrative device and evoking meaning from the constructed sonic environment.

             He has a passion for developing new work and implementing Sound and Music at an early stage in the creative process and he is well versed in collaborative and devised performance making, contemporary studio techniques and installation practices.


             His work often fuses field recordings, music composition, found sound and synthesis. Integration of sound into performance is core to his methodology and the means by which an audience engage with the sonic environment is a key feature of his designs.


             Dominic has recently designed for and collaborated with Paines Plough, BBC Radio 1 Xtra, National Trust, Nabakov, Theatre Clywd, Darling & Edge, Bush Theatre, Jamie Wood, Gameshow, Manchester Royal Exchange, Outbox, Jemima James,  Engineer, Goat and Monkey and Gingerline. 

             Recent design credits include; Rounabout 2018 (Paines Plough), With A Little Bit of Luck (BBC 1Xtra & Paines Plough), Angry Alan (Penelope Skinner), A Room of One’s Own (National Trust & Paines Plough), The Assassination of Katie Hopkins (Theatre Clywd)  and Beauty & The Feast (Darling & Edge).

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Dominic Kennedy. Sound Designer & Music Producer from London, UK.


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